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Newsletter 1 – Let’s start!


Hey amigos, welcome to the first XTRA Newsletter! It is another tool in our arsenal to keep you updated with all developments of the project. But first things first. Before we go any further, you need to have at least a vague idea about XTRA – XTRA is simply the best crypto staking platform there is. Hands down. 45% APY, that speaks volumes. 



We are only a few weeks into the development and we already managed to accomplish quite a bit. We assembled a top team of do-ers and makers, from all walks of life and with different backgrounds. We have top class software developers, designers, businessmen and financists, marketers and social media experts. In our future publications we will cover profiles of our team members in a bit more depth. 

Money matters 

Unfortunately, you won’t get too far these days without initial investment. We’ve spent quite some time interviewing our investors, to find those who share our vision, love crypto and are looking for long-term cooperation. And we must report complete success on this front!

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Branding & Website

We have designed a shiny, slick and functional website that you can find a lot of information on. You can read about the project, our general FAQ section (recommended) and generally find out about what we are building. We’re currently developing 2 very important things: helpful explanatory videos that will show you our vision and, of course, the thing everyone is waiting for, the one and only…Whitepaper. Stay tuned!

Social Media

And last but not least..our social media are now live! We have prepared a special, grand opening that will…well…surprise you to say the least. What is it you ask? Tune in and watch this space. 

LINKS to social media here:

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Our core team consists of crypto veterans, financial experts, smart contract wizards, top designers and marketing geniuses all united by the cause, like a team of superheroes. Our network of advisers is also fairly impressive – from crypto degens to true financial moguls.


XTRA.FUND – The Power of Traditional Finance Combined with DeFI. First of all, it provides the original value of the investment.

Even with extreme fluctuations in the price of the token XTRA.FUND your capital is assured at 100%* up to a certain level. This is not the case with us. Depending on how long your stake is, so much protection you have.
This is an ideal solution for:


  • People who see vast potential in investing in crypto but are scared to invest. Thanks to the XTRA PROTECTION, those people can easily and with minimized risk invest in highly selected crypto space.


  • Endless possibilities the inflow of private investors insuring tokenomics of other projects.


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