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I hereby represent that I accept the Terms and Conditions of the XTRA Website and the XTRA Whitepaper and other related documents, and I confirm that I have read these documents and that they are fully understandable to me. I am aware that XTRA does not guarantee any profits in connection with the acquisition of the XTRA Tokens, and the distribution process of the XTRA Tokens is executed via automated smart contract on the blockchain network (BSC). I am also aware that any content and information contained on the Website and in the documents mentioned hereinabove are not and shall not be perceived as “an investment advice” or “an investment recommendation” or an intermediary in such activity.

Moreover, I acknowledge and fully accept that the activities of XTRA do not in any way refer to investment, banking, insurance or reinsurance activities, and by purchasing the XTRA Token I do not enter the XTRA company nor form with XTRA any other entity.

I am aware that there is a high risk associated with the operation of financial markets or markets related to virtual currencies, in particular in terms of rapid price volatility in these markets, which may result in the loss of all financial means invested by me. In view of the above, I represent that the purchase of the XTRA Tokens is solely my free will, which is preceded by an independently performed analysis of the project.

I understand that the DeFi technology is a new technology and I accept all market and technological risks related to use of the XTRA Tokens and related services. I also represent that I am not a citizen or resident of the United States of America, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy or any other country where law restricts or prohibits participation in processes collectively and commonly referred to as the Initial Coin Offering or classifies the Token Distribution Process only as issuing of financial instruments or derivative financial instruments within the meaning of relevant national acts.

I acknowledge and accept that the right to withdraw from the contract in connection with the purchase of the XTRA Tokens has been excluded, therefore all transactions of the purchase of the XTRA Tokens are final and there is no possibility of a refund.

I declare that I provide my personal data voluntarily and consent to their processing in accordance with the information specified in the Privacy Policy of the XTRA Website.

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